A 21st century take on Christian discipleship 

John Wesley once famously said, “There is no holiness apart from social holiness.” Over the years, many have mistakenly asserted that he was talking about social justice. 

In reality, he was talking about doing discipleship in the context of real relationships. In essence, you can’t become a real Christian alone. Enter: New Room Bands.

A different kind of
Bible study

New Room Bands facilitates deep, meaningful growth in two ways. First it delivers discipleship content to you every day, and second, it brings people together into private online groups to interact around that content. It’s that simple.

The daily accountability of living life together

We aren't forever doomed to small group experiences marked by awkward silences and Jesus-y answers. There's another way.

A way that lets your group members share both their struggles and wisdom with you in real time. A way that lets you have access to not only meaningful, Biblical content, but also the daily relationship and accountability to help you apply it to your day-to-day life.  

Daily discipleship content

It’s not for a lack of content that people get stalled in their discipleship, nor is it for a lack of small groups. What’s missing are resources that lead people into the depths of the gospel and that facilitate the kinds of conversations that effect powerful growth.

Content + Community

This is not another app. It’s not another website. New Room Bands is a place of dynamically interactive,
micro-community discipleship. It’s something you have to experience to fully get.


Jump in with your existing small group, a set of
close friends, or family members—near or far.


Daily reminder emails
come each morning, so
you won't forget a


Don’t be tied to one device. New Room Bands works on your smartphone, tablet,
and desktop computer.


When truth enters
into our togetherness,
it produces


Need some guidance?

New technology almost always comes with questions. We've done our best to type out some answers, starting with, "Why can't I find New Room Bands in the app store?"

Check out this answer and our other FAQs below!

Frequently Asked Questions